Atlanta DUI Roadblocks

How to Hire an Atlanta DUI Lawyer Choose the right Atlanta DUI Attorney

If you have been arrested in Atlanta for a DUI, you will more than likely get a ton of solicitations from Atlanta DUI defense lawyers. Choosing the right law firm can be stressful. Many people’s DUI charges are their only encounter with law enforcement and they know very little about how to obtain the best Georgia DUI defense counsel.

Being a Former Prosecutor and Aggressive Litigator helps:

Atlanta DUI Attorney Bryan Howard, knows the States Prosecutors who will be trying to convict you. They understand the system and have defended DUI cases throughout Metro Atlanta and throughout North Georgia. If handing DUI cases were easy, anyone could do it. However, too many attorneys dabble in DUI Defense without having the skills necessary to truly defend DUI cases in Georgia. Hire Atlanta DUI Attorneys that focus their entire practice on Georgia DUI Defense.

The most important factor in finding a Georgia DUI attorney is finding adequate experience in DUI law. Many lawyers take DUI cases, but general practitioners who take all types of cases may not know the ins and outs of DUI law. There are also lawyers who are exclusively criminal defense lawyers, but usually focus on high profile crimes such as drug crimes or murder charges. While these lawyers may have background knowledge in DUI law, they do not have the insight or reputation of a specialized DUI lawyer.

The Right Training for the Job:

You should be wary of general lawyers if you have a serious Georgia DUI case such as being a repeat offender or have injured someone while being accused of being DUI. General practitioners are not equipped to handle DUI cased that involved the infliction of serious bodily injury on others. Only a specialist can handle difficult cases that involve injuries or involve multiple prior DUI offenses.

Your case is a Priority:

Hiring the wrong lawyer can result in having someone that may not be equipped to handle the complexities of such DUI cases, and you may end up suffering the consequences. The Howard Law Group specializes in DUI law.

Our office only handles DUI Defense in Georgia. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and your freedom. This is a real commitment to leave no stone unturned. This is what we do.

Chose a Atlanta Metro and Georgia DUI Lawyer Now:

Choosing a DUI Lawyer in Atlanta is the most important thing you will do after being arrested for DUI. Our practice focuses on DUI Defense in Atlanta and only DUI Defense. We protect the rights of people charged with DUI and the ability of our clients to continue to drive. Contact us today for a free consultation if you or someone you know has been arrested for a Atlanta DUI

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