How to Apply for a Georgia Limited Driving Permit Georgia DUI Laws

In the State of Georgia every DUI conviction brings a suspended license. However, some drivers are eligible for limited driving through a limited driving permit. This allows you to travel to and from:

  • Your place of employment, or to perform employment-related tasks.
  • Scheduled doctor appointments and to fill prescriptions.
  • College or other school courses.
  • RRP meetings or other drug and alcohol support groups, assessment courses, and treatment programs.

You won’t formally apply for a limited driving permit; your judge will determine whether you’re eligible based on factors like your age, offense number, and how long your license must be suspended (see your penalties above).

If your judge grants you a limited driving permit, expect to pay:

  • Limited permit: $25
  • Limited permit renewal: $5
  • Limited permit replacement: $20
  • Controlled substance permit: $25
  • Habitual Violator probationary license (HVPL): $210
  • HVPL replacement: $20

Understand that if you violate any of the conditions of your limited permit, the judge will revoke it and tack 6 months onto your original suspension period.

REINSTATING Your Drivers License

Reinstating a regular driver’s license after a DUI conviction is fairly straightforward, especially if it’s a first offense.

Generally, you need to:

    • Wait out the mandatory suspension period for your conviction.
    • Present a completion certificate from the DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program.
    • Pay your license reinstatement fee, which ranges from $210 to $410 (you can reduce the fee if you pay online).

You may also need to:

        • Pay court-imposed fines.
        • Complete a jail sentence.
        • Undergo a clinical evaluation and treatment program (separate from the Risk Reduction Program).

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