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Have your been arrested for DUI in Fulton County Georgia?

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Fulton County DUI Lawyer Bryan Howard has been defending people throughout all of Fulton County. As a former DUI Prosecutor, Bryan’s aggressive litigation is the difference. Our office only handles DUI cases and the related offense that caused you to be pulled-over in the first place. We are here 24/ 7  because your problems do not wait until Monday morning. Our office has helps people with complicated DUI cases throughout all of Fulton County. Remember, you only have 10 days to protect your right to drive in Georgia. Be warned that the 10 day letter is the key to your entire Fulton County DUI Defense.

10 Day Warning!!!

If you have been arrested in Fulton County, you only have 10 days to protect your right to drive. Contact us now to file for your ALS Hearing. Without this hearing, your drivers license or privilege to drive in Georgia will be suspended for up to one year. This does not have to happen. You can save your license and your freedom by contacting us today. Act now. Your case will not defend itself. It takes a DUI Attorney in Fulton County to help. Only a DUI Lawyer in Fulton County knows how to successfully navigate the Fulton County Court System. If you don’t have your lawyer send the letter, you are facing 12 months without a license.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Fulton County, you have a choice as to who you hire. Our office is exclusively devoted to DUI Defense in Georgia. Our Fulton County DUI Lawyers are here to help you. It is all we do. Contact the DUI Experts today. Contact the Fulton County DUI Attorneys at our office to start your DUI Defense. Your best DUI Defense being here with Fulton County DUI Attorney Bryan Howard.

Whether it is a serious DUI or related offense, our office will be able to help. Some arrests are made by the Georgia State Patrol or a police officer from one of the many municipalities within Fulton County. The procedures in each of the courts of Fulton County are different. It is important to hire professionals that know the law and procedures relevant to your case.

Fulton County Georgia is a County of Municipal Courts:
If you are arrested for DUI in Fulton County you are likely to be arrested one of the many municipalities. In Fulton County Georgia, your arrest will be in one one of the following cities:

Chattahoochee Hills
College Park
East Point
Johns Creek
Mountain Park
Sandy Springs
Union City
What this means, in effect, is that your case will begin in the city court. This is always an advantage to the accused. There is a financial motivation for the municipal court to be fair to people accused of DUI. It also gives your Fulton County DUI Lawyer the ability to negotiate at the municipal court level. Most cases are resolved in municipal court. Although, it is always important to keep all options open. A DUI Trial in Fulton County State Court is always an option.

If you or someone you know has been arrested in Fulton County Georgia on a DUI Charge, please contact us asap for a free consultation.

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