DUI in Atlanta – 10 Day Warning First Offense Video

So you have been arrested in Atlanta Georgia for a DUI. You have 10 days to save your driving privilege. By requesting an ALS Hearing, your Atlanta DUI Lawyer Brian Howard, files a hearing request with the Georgia Department of Drivers Services. If an Attorney doesn’t, your license can be suspended for up to one year. If you are out of state driver, Georgia will suspend your privilege to drive in our state. Your home state may then move to suspend your license depending on the laws in your home state. Act now to save your driver’s license.

The State of Georgia charges $150 to request a hearing to protect your driver’s license. Call now to speak to the Best Atlanta DUI Attorney, The Howard Law Group.

Also, many arrests occur at a roadside checkpoint commonly called a DUI roadblock. However, the police cannot simply implement a roadblock any time or any place. A roadblock is an exception to the 4th amendment of the United States Constitution. As an exception, that means the general rule would not allow for drivers to be stopped without sufficient cause. As a result, the exception should be narrowly drawn to protect the rights of drivers. An experienced DUI Attorney in Atlanta will know how to challenge the legality of the roadblock that resulted in your arrest. We never assume that a roadside checkpoint was legally implemented. For further information on some of the other State of Georgia DUI Laws go to the Georgia DMV page  or  call us for a free consultation.