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Just in the Atlanta Metro Area alone, we have over a dozen Colleges and Universities. That being said, we hear all to often about the mis-communication between males and females. If you or someone you know, has been accused of rape or date rape in the Atlanta area, you need a Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer right away. We understand the severe penalties that sex crimes carry in the state of Georgia. As a Former Prosecutor and aggressive litigator, the Howard Law Group will fight for you at every turn.  Choosing the Howard Law Group to defend your date rape case could mean the difference in a clean criminal record or a lifetime registration as a sex offender.

 Your Reputation and Your Rights

During difficult circumstances after a rape allegation, you need a strong, professional defense attorney who is committed to protecting your reputation and your rights. Rape is among the few crimes that does not require substantiating evidence beyond the word of the alleged victim to be prosecuted. The Howard Law Group understands the danger and serious potential risks involved in a rape charge. Penalties can be as severe as lifetime in prison and a permanent sex offender record. Let our Atlanta criminal defense attorney protect your job, reputation and future with his successful rape defense strategies. Whether your case can be negotiated with prosecution or demands a full trial in court.

Our Attorneys will conduct our own personal investigation, which may include an alleged victim background check and interviews to uncover evidence that will exonerate his rape accused clients. We can even explore the possibility of improper interview techniques or persuasion conducted by law enforcement. Whether your case is considered “high profile” or not, the Howard Law Group always value your privacy and adheres to top confidentiality in a rape defense case.

Contact our Rape and Date Rape Defense Attorney for a free consultation with one of the most reputable lawyers in Atlanta. Having professional legal representation before you talk to police or state investigators could be the difference in a guilty or non-guilty verdict.

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