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Atlanta Evading Police Criminal Charge Fleeing Atlanta Police Charge

Fleeing  or Evading police in Atlanta is any attempt to evade authority or prosecution under the law. Atlanta law requires a person to obey orders by any law enforcement officer. If you have been accused of fleeing Atlanta police in any way, contact the Howard Law Group. We can help you fight the charges and avoid the long-term consequences of living with a criminal record.

What Constitutes Evading Police?

Most people are familiar with car chases that take place every day in Atlanta and across Georgia. But people can also flee police on bikes, by foot, or failing to obey any signal from law enforcement to halt their present action. Under Georgia law, fleeing police is primarily a traffic offense, but may also include the following crimes:

  • Willful refusal to stop a motor vehicle
  • Impersonating a law enforcement officer
  • Intentional attempt to flee pursuit by ignoring a:
    Visual or audible signal
  • Hand gesture or vocal command
  • Flashing emergency light or siren
  • Intentional Refusal to Stop a Motor Vehicle

Drivers are required to stop their vehicles as soon as police give a signal. This means pulling over at the sight of flashing lights and bringing the vehicle to a complete halt. Motorists who willfully fail to stop and instead continue to drive while being pursued by police may be charged with an aggravated misdemeanor, even if they are driving within the speed limit.

Motorists attempting to evade arrest have committed a felony offense if they:

  • Drive 20 mph above the posted speed limit
  • Hit another vehicle or pedestrian, causing an accident
  • Flee in traffic conditions that place the general public at risk of injury
  • Operate a moving vehicle while intoxicated (.08% blood alcohol content for most drivers; .04% for commercial drivers; and .02% for drivers under 2)
  • Drivers who speed, cause a collision, endanger others, or continue to drive drunk face criminal fines of $5,000 or more and imprisonment for up to five years. They also face personal injury liability to any victims harmed by their negligent conduct while fleeing police..

Attempts to Flee Prosecution

Any attempt to evade arrest for an offense, by any means, constitutes fleeing police. This includes hiding evidence, lying to investigators, or fleeing the state to avoid prosecution or jail time. Those who intentionally help fugitives by lying, sheltering, smuggling, or otherwise aiding in this crime also face prosecution.

Atlanta Judges take this charge very seriously and you could be facing some real jail time. If you or someone you know has been charged in Atlanta for Evading Police, contact the Howard Law Group ASAP. Don’t under estimate this charge. We are  here to help.

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