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Atlanta DUI-Marijuana Defense Lawyers Chemical Testing Defense

No case is hopeless. Even if your blood or urine test is positive for marijuana there is hope. When an individual uses marijuana, his/her body begins to break down the marijuana metabolites, called THC. The first metabolite produced is Hydroxy THC. This is the psychoactive metabolite. Once the Hydroxy THC is metabolized by the liver, a secondary metabolite, Carboxy THC, is produced. Carboxy THC is non-psychoactive and is not impairing. Carboxy THC does, however, remain in the body for several weeks after the last marijuana use.

In Atlanta, the type of blood test typically administered to people suspected of DUI Marijuana only tests for the presence of marijuana metabolites (THC), without differentiating between Hydroxy THC (the psychoactive metabolite) and Carboxy THC (the non-psychoactive metabolite). This means that although the test may show that you had marijuana metabolites in your system, this does not necessarily mean you were driving under the influence of marijuana.

A successful defense in a DUI-Marijuana case requires attorney’s to understand not only the law, but the science of marijuana impairment as well. The attorney must also know the best way to consult with expert witnesses, such as toxicologists, to help build your best defense.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a Atlanta DUI-Marijuana Charge, you are going to need a qualified Atlanta DUI Attorney. Contact the Howard Law Group ASAP.

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