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Atlanta Check Fraud Penalties can be tough. Check fraud charges are often brought against people who thought that they were doing the right thing. Many made simple mistakes based on misinformation or mistakes in judgment. Still, they face serious consequences if convicted.

At the Howard Law Group, in Atlanta, Georgia, we represent people who have been accused of check fraud. Our lawyers represent them in Georgia state courts, taking action to protect their rights and their interests.

If you have been accused of check fraud, we can help. We represent people facing fraud charges based on many different situations, including the ones listed below:

  • Using forged checks to make deposits into a bank account
  • Using a false identity to withdraw cash from a bank account
  • Using stolen checks to withdraw cash from a bank account
  • Making withdrawals based on in-transit or non-existent cash so that the bank pays based on an unfunded deposit (check kiting)

The value of fraudulent checks and the total take on any alleged scheme will direct the civil and criminal penalties one faces in state or federal court. Prosecutions for check fraud schemes have increased dramatically as the Internet and the digital age have created broader consumer choice and enhanced opportunities for complicated fraud schemes.

Paper and digital trails get extremely complicated quickly and require advanced technological skills to dissect and discover the facts. Our Atlanta-based check fraud defense attorneys work with forensic accountants and other experts to uncover the truth and present the facts in our clients’ best interests. We prepare every case we handle for trial.

If you have been charged with Atlanta Check Fraud, contact the Howard Law Group ASAP.

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