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An Atlanta Drug Defense Lawyer How to hire a Atlanta Defense Attorney

A good Atlanta Criminal Defense when being arrested for a Drug Crime means hiring a good Drug Crime Lawyer in Atlanta. Being charged with any drug crime in the Atlanta Metro area is a serious enough offense and Georgia Prosecutors are tough in this area. As a Former Prosecutor, we know the system.

The Howard Law Group is committed to protecting the freedoms and futures of clients facing drug charges. Our Atlanta drug crime Lawyers handle the full range of Atlanta drug crimes, including even the most serious. If you or your loved one is facing drug charges, our legal team is prepared to immediately fight on your behalf?

Facing Atlanta Drug Crime Charges?

If you have been arrested or indicted on a Atlanta drug charge, your best bet to minimize the damage and protect your rights is to hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Acting fast will provide the best opportunity to protect your rights and build the strongest possible defense. Our firm represents individuals throughout Atlanta.

These cases include:

Drug Possession
Drug Sales
Drug Trafficking
Drug Manufacturing & Distribution
Drug-Related Tax Charges
Drug Importation
Trafficking in Illegal Prescription Drugs/Steroids
Conspiracy Charges
Operating a “Pill Mill”

Forfeiture of drug assets and substitute assets unrelated to the alleged drug activities
Land, bank accounts, houses, automobiles, and other assets (even “totally clean” substitute assets) are almost always seized by the government in federal drug cases. To get them back, you have the burden of proving that these assets were not acquired as the result of the alleged drug-related activities. This can be done by going to trial and obtaining an acquittal or through exhaustive financial analysis.

As a Former Prosecutor, Bryan Howard applies his aggressive litigation techniques and helps you win your case in Georgia.

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