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As many people know living in Atlanta, sometimes a simple argument or disagreement can turn ugly very fast. Road rage is a perfect example of a circumstance going wrong before you know it. Not everyone is a violent person, but sometimes anger gets out of control. You get so angry you push someone, they fall, they get hurt, and you are arrested for Aggravated Battery. So quickly things can turn in life.

Aggravated battery is a felony in Atlanta, and occurs if the offender intentionally inflicts a serious injury to the victim, such as loss of a limb, loss of use of a limb, or serious disfigurement.

Serious injury is harm more severe than minor or slight harm, and could include broken bones, a coma, or wounds that require extensive suturing, hospitalization, or surgery.

Serious disfigurement refers to a physical alteration of the body, such as a visible scar on someone’s face or other body part; or a broken bone that alters one’s physical appearance – a broken nose or a finger that is no longer straight.

(Ga. Code Ann. § 16-5-24).

If you are living with someone, and you are charged with Aggravated Battery, you are now in Domestic Family Violence Court and now you are facing even more hardship.

A person convicted of an aggravated battery faces the following penalties:

  • between one year and twenty years in prison (minimum three years for aggravated assault by discharging a firearm from a vehicle)
  • probation up to twenty years
  • a fine up to $100,000, and

If an offender is guilty of committing an aggravated assault or battery on public transit property or in a public transit vehicle, or against certain victims named in the statute (such as a family member or intimate partner, a person 65 years or older, a law enforcement officer, or a corrections officer), the court must impose a minimum sentence of three, five, or ten years in prison, depending on the victim.

This is a serious crime and Georgia takes this very seriously. If you try to “go it alone”, the State will show no mercy. Makes no difference if you have never been in trouble before. Especially if you land in a Domestic Family Violence court. AND it doesn’t have to be a family member. It can be a roommate, or a friend living with you.

If you or someone you know, has been arrested in Atlanta on a Aggravated Battery Charge, you are going to need an Atlanta Defense Lawyer. Contact the Howard Law Group today so we can start on your defense and protect your rights.

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